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Drs. Fry & Ferrari

Drs. Fry & Ferrari

These are two women who are captivated when listening to the personal stories of their patients. They are fascinated by people’s abilities to be resilient – or not – depending on their readiness for personal transformation. Connecting children, teens and adults with scientifically proven methods to live authentically, to meet their goals and to improve their well-being is something they are deeply committed to.

  • #TheDrFs: Selfies & Self-Esteem in Tweens

    For tweens the world has inarguably become more expansive through the use of social media. Posting “selfies” and being tagged in...

    Health & WellnessDrs. Fry & FerrariAugust 9, 2017
  • The DrFs: Surviving Mompreneur Guilt

    In our culture, mom guilt seems universal and ranges across the life cycle of motherhood. We see the mom guilt rear...

    Health & WellnessDrs. Fry & FerrariJuly 12, 2017
  • #TheDrFs: Modern Divorce Etiquette & Kids

    Our overloaded family court systems have historically doled out separation agreements that were of the one size fits all variety.  Regardless...

    Health & WellnessDrs. Fry & FerrariJune 14, 2017
  • #TheDrFs: Social Media Diet’ing

    We are all familiar with ‘diet’ as it pertains to weight loss that restricts calories and highlights guilt. Today, health experts...

    Health & WellnessDrs. Fry & FerrariMay 17, 2017
  • #TheDrFs: Grateful Kids = Happy Kids

    According to research by our colleagues at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, “People who practice gratitude feel considerably...

    Health & WellnessDrs. Fry & FerrariApril 26, 2017
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