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Julie Mann

Julie Mann

Julie Mann is a women’s advocate who believes in the power of stories to forge meaningful human connections and to create awareness, understanding and empathy. With a professional background in marketing, her career has included roles in communications, promotions and public relations. She is a dynamic speaker and an accomplished business writer who has also contributed to a variety of trade and lifestyle publications. More recently, she has shifted her focus to the writing of cause-driven fictional narratives that explore issues affecting the world’s women. Her first novel, Backshadow, was published in 2015. Follow Julie on Twitter at @juliemann01.

  • #JulieMann: Why She Stays…

    The CCTV footage is fuzzy and jerky. The imagery it shows is chilling. A man and woman make their way into...

    Health & WellnessJulie MannApril 25, 2017
  • #JulieMann: Breaking the Silence on Violence

    According to the United Nations, one in every three women globally will be beaten, raped or otherwise abused in her lifetime....

    Health & WellnessJulie MannApril 10, 2017
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