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Nikolina Djuric

Nikolina Djuric

Moving from Serbia to Vancouver at a young age, Nikolina incorporates an eastern twist in her perspective. She is a recently graduated public relations professional and loves all things fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. As a night owl, she creates new hobbies like writing, blogging, running and whatever else she can come up. Standing still is not her thing, she loves to be busy and making a change- even if it’s a small one. Her time is split researching products and finding new adventures. Follow her on twitter @NikolinaDj_.

  • #5For5: Being Ecofriendly for Beginners

    Do not stop believing for a moment that even the tiniest action does not make an impact on the environment! The Earth is...

    5For5Nikolina DjuricJuly 22, 2017
  • #5for5: Top Plantbased Breakfast Places!

    Nothing is sweeter than a Sunday brunch with your friends, and anticipating a delicious healthy meal. Breakfast is arguably the most...

    5For5Nikolina DjuricJuly 8, 2017
  • #5for5: Cleaning with a Clear Conscience

    There is something to be said about coming home from a long day at work to a clean house. Even more...

    5For5Nikolina DjuricJune 24, 2017
  • #5for5: Shopping for Sensational Soap

    Taking care of yourself is important, but so is taking care of our planet. So often name brand soap uses harmful...

    5For5Nikolina DjuricJune 17, 2017
  • 5for5: Scream for Plantbased Ice Cream

    We challenge anything to think of anything more satisfying than a big delicious scoop of ice cream on a hot, sunny day...

    5For5Nikolina DjuricJune 10, 2017
  • KPU Fashion Grads: A Tailored Runway

    A collaboration of 28 diverse collections hit the runway for B.C.’s biggest student fashion show. It was a busy two days...

    Beauty & FashionNikolina DjuricApril 12, 2017
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