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Samantha Sito

Loving all things style and entertainment, Samantha is the resident Entertainment reporter bringing you the latest in television, music and film. A fashion blogger to her name as well, you can find Samantha's latest looks and interviews on various publications such as The Los Angeles Fashion and Vancity Buzz. Follow her adventures on her blog- Obsessive Trend Invitation (, tweet her your ideas @otisamantha and find her on Instagram @SamanthaS.Style

  • Emily Haine: Fargo, Deadpool & Beyond

    Actor Emily Haine is best described as artistic, warm and eclectic. We first met at an interview, about a year ago,...

    EventsSamantha SitoNovember 11, 2016
  • Summer: From Lemonade to Caterering

    Do you ever find yourself on a hot summer afternoon, swirling your straw in a delicious iced lemonade and suddenly you...

    Food & TravelSamantha SitoJune 7, 2016
  • Samantha Sito Explores the O’Gara LAFW

    Los Angeles is well known around the world as a hub of creativity, especially in the film industry (Hint: Hollywood) and...

    Beauty & FashionSamantha SitoApril 20, 2016
  • Sit Down with Supernatural’s Sheriff Donna

    Sheriff Donna Hanscum is the newest addition to hit the Supernatural franchise. Played by Canadian, Briana Buckmaster, she brings her own...

    UncategorizedSamantha SitoMarch 30, 2016
  • Cosmogyral: LAFW’s Designer Pick

    Los Angeles Fashion Week Spring 2016 is a hub for creatives and the designs showcased have a very Los Angeles Feel...

    Beauty & FashionSamantha SitoMarch 23, 2016
  • Duane E Howard: Red Carpets & The Revenant

    Vancouver actor Duane E Howard plays a pivotal role in the 3 time Golden Globe Award winning motion picture, The Revenant. Directed by...

    Film & MediaSamantha SitoJanuary 23, 2016
  • Fargo’s Emily Haine is Breaking Bad

    I sat down with Fargo actor, Emily Haine, who steps into the shoes of Noreen Vanderslice in the second season of...

    Film & MediaSamantha SitoDecember 9, 2015
  • Pamela Anderson Launches Vegan Pammies

    Pamela Anderson– a name recognizable to many for various reasons. Pamela has made a name for herself as a sexy, sensual...

    Beauty & FashionSamantha SitoDecember 2, 2015
  • Stripping down with Bif Naked

    You’ve heard her music, watched her shows, heard her speeches, and seen her on television, but who exactly is Bif Naked?...

    Film & MediaSamantha SitoNovember 5, 2015
  • Creative Realtor: Fashion Show at Open House

    Realtor gets creative! A new and fashion forward way of presenting an open house, Melissa Wu, one of the top Real...

    EventsSamantha SitoNovember 5, 2015
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