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Theresa Nicassio PhD

Theresa Nicassio PhD

Intolerant of intolerance and complacency, this internationally-acclaimed “Psychologist with Sass” compassionately invites us to join in the conscious and creative vision to rethink how we live our lives by increasing our awareness of the footprints we leave on each other’s’ hearts and on the planet that serves us. Wearing a lot of hats, Dr. Theresa is a modern-day “Renaissance Woman” of sorts. In addition to being a registered psychologist, mum, magazine columnist, and often sought-after media guest, Theresa is also a Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Educator, speaker, energy healer, and student of various mind-body wellness modalities. She is also the Host of The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show on – All Positive Talk Radio and the Founder of the holistic online wellness resource: Amongst many other honours, Theresa was recently a 2017 Canadian Mompreneur of the Year Award of Excellence Top Finalist and 2017 Tammy Moyer Woman of Worth Leader of The Year Award Finalist, and was the 2015 Canadian Champion & 2016 Best in the World Award recipient for her internationally-acclaimed book YUM: Plant-Based Recipes For A Gluten-Free Diet.

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