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Stripping down with Bif Naked

You’ve heard her music, watched her shows, heard her speeches, and seen her on television, but who exactly is Bif Naked? Singer, songwriter, actress, humanitarian, cancer- survivor, motivational speaker and the list goes on! What else?

Stripping down the layers, I met Bif at her cosy, creatively decorated home. Artwork, pictures, Turkish inspired decor, very different than the white walls we usually see on Pinterest nowadays. It was a reflection of the high spirited performer, who exudes an aura of positivity that fills the room!

I found myself seeing a side of Bif Naked that I didn’t see through the televised interviews, a soft side that talks about things we all go through today, whether it be talking about the industry of music for women, to surviving cancer, to love and marriage and how to find and connect with the inner child.

Being known as the class clown, Bif Naked defines herself as a child-woman and knucklehead. Bif now finds a great new purpose in life- One where she uses her gift of finding the silver lining in any situation to help other cancer patients. She uses her voice, experience and strength towards empowering others to find their voice and that inner courage to take life by the horns and giggle along with everything it throws at you.

‘I don’t believe there were any mistakes’

Bif Naked goes into what it took and the challenges that she experienced when she first started performing in her band, the pressures of how women should look and sound and how she wanted to fight that. In a generation of women who now are career focused and work work work, she speaks about balance and what she learned from being in that position.

‘I may have written that extra 2000 words. They say write how you talk, and I talk a lot’

Something that fans can look forward to, Bif Naked is coming out with an autobiography, documenting the very things and stories that define her and her life. When asked about the goal, she laughs and says that it was one of those things that one puts on the list of things you’d want to do before you croak. .. of course after she cleaned her car.

‘The key to happiness is a healthy poop’

Bif Naked is known as well for her outward, bad-ass rock chick appearance. Covered in tattoos, Bif acknowledges that her tattoos have stories about them and highlights the one on her right arm; saying that it took a good 7 hours for it to be finished. A great idea at the time.

‘The minute i laid eyes one him, the sky opened up and the angels sang’

Nothing lights a woman up more than when she speaks about love. As Bif speaks about her engagement, she beams with joy. The best part? I got the inside scoop of how the proposal went. The most adorable thing, and any description I can use is incomparable to hearing it from the woman herself. It’s in the video above!

‘I think stuff is stupidly funny’

Someone who doesn’t sugar coat things, Bif tells it as it is. It’s a choice to choose happiness, to step back and reset. Bif believes in seeing the beauty of being alive, and ultimately finding the funny in life.

What’s next?

When Bif isn’t rocking out, she’ll be part of Raise The Rates and jetting off to Paris!

Bif Naked supports many causes and is very active on her Twitter account.

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