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Play with Fire! Eco Elements For Your Wardrobe

During Earth Month, sustainable fashion is the topic of conversation everywhere. For instance, Eco Fashion Week showcased the wonderfully imaginative Evan Biddell and his collection for the 81lb Challenge, sponsored by Value Village. Traveling from Toronto to Vancouver, the repurposed rock ‘n roll collection is the talk of the Canadian fashion scene – and we love that.

If you are a newbie, hesitant to dive into the world of thrift store chic, let us give you a push this Earth Month to get you into the Value Village vibe.

Did you know that many of the brands that you have come to covet are available at Value Village? In particular, fast fashion trends hit the Value Village racks days after pieces are available at the shopping mall and most are available for $10 or less.

Why not reach out on your social media to a thrift savvy shopping partner and make an afternoon of it? We all have a friend who champions the awesome benefits of thrifting. Chances are she shops at Value Village!

Not only does shopping at Value Village keep you on budget, it gives you the opportunity to support local nonprofits who receive vital funding for community programs from the thrift superstore. Each store highlights their partners in the window and inside, so you know exactly who benefits from your donations. Next time you pay these stores a visit, consider both how recycling impacts our planet and how you can style yourself in eco-friendly, fashionable looks.


Our glorious Earth needs everyone to slow down and stop filling the landfills with clothing that could otherwise be donated, upcycled, and recycled. Value Village keeps over 650 million pounds of reusable goods from entering the waste stream each year.

Landfills shouldn’t be laundry piles.

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Earth | @TheStyleSaver

Style Tips for Earth Elements (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

Being connected to the earth with your mind and body creates a strong connection to your wardrobe. Revel in your practicality, your ability to choose pieces that work well together. Versatility is your catch word.


A force of nature, Air provides the wind that is a powerful alternative source of energy, and it really should be incorporated more in the production of textiles. The industry is antiquated and has one of the lowest efficiencies in energy utilization.

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Air | Sabrina Fenster by @TheStyleSaver

Style tips for Wind Elements (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)

Go for high concept pieces that are minimalist, sharp, and sleek. Show off your mind and intellect. Understated is not a word in your vocabulary and it is impossible to be too dramatic.


Contained Fire is a great energy generator, but consider countries that burn textiles and garbage in landfills as a means of controlling volume. It is astounding to know that 41% of the more than two billion tons of global garbage produced is burned each year! Burning garbage = CO2 released into the atmosphere = GLOBAL WARMING.

Style tips for Fire Elements (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Dress for rebellion, drama, and be the centre of attention. Don’t overthink your outfit and kick it up a notch with slinky, flashy, and colourful selections. Step it up and turn all the heads in the room!


Preserving the worlds’ Water is an immense undertaking. It takes more than 700 gallons of water to create one t-shirt! Thrift one from Value Village and join the two million people who helped save 1.5 billion gallons with that one simple purchase.

Style tips for Water Elements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Choose pieces that have transformational qualities. Feel the flow and motion of the garment. How does it make you feel? Dress with emotion and own your look.

95% of the clothes North Americans throw away into landfills each year could be reused or recycled. Reduce your clothing footprint by shopping eco-smart. Visit your local Value Village today and be part of the solution in the simplest of ways.

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