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New Year’s Resolutions for an Eco-Friendly 2018

It is a new year, and for many people, this means a time for change and reflection. It is also the perfect opportunity to have a little think about what improvements you could make over the next year. As well as thinking about your career goals or personal development, why not think about what you can do for Canada and for the good of the planet.

New Year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep, with over 42% failing to keep theirs by February. The key is to make resolutions that you will stick to. I think it helps if your aims fall in line with your values so that the action you need to take comes naturally to you. Of course, your resolutions should be your own making, but there’s never any harm in using what you like here for inspiration.

For a solid start to the year, you could try setting at least one resolution that you can achieve immediately. Could your house benefit from any improvements that could make it more ecologically friendly? Small amounts of work can help you to exclude drafts, replace inefficient lighting and minimize energy consumption. The rest of the resolutions mentioned here are going to take more focus and effort on your part, but they are worth it for you and for the world.

First up, why not make 2018 the year that you use less stuff. Eco-friendly consumerism is great, but sometimes it is best to just reduce consumerism and waste altogether. Use less plastic by carrying water bottles around with you and taking reusable bags to the supermarket, buy less of the things that you do not need, use less water and when you have reduced as much as possible, aim to recycle more to cut down on waste even further.

In 2010, Canada had one of the highest energy consumption ratings for an average household in the world at nearly 12,000 kWh a year. Help Canada to reduce energy consumption in 2018 by playing your part. Switch off your lights when you are not in the home, turn off the TV and any electronics when you are not using them and take simple steps like not filling the kettle too high.

Much of energy consumption comes from heating and cooling your home. Granted the West Coast gets cold and so heating is necessary during the winter months, but it helps to try to regulate your heating and make your home energy efficient. Consider switching your energy over to a renewable supplier.

Another great New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to aim to walk or cycle whenever possible, whether to work or to the shops. This is great for the environment, and for your health and well-being — and you know that’s important!

To top off the list of resolutions for 2018, here is one just for you. It is time to stay calm and relaxed even when you are under pressure just like the poker professionals and athletes of today. No more unnecessary stress. This year, you are going to keep it cool and take time for yourself to relax and stay on top of your game. In other words, take a page out of Usain Bolt’s book…

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