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Pamela Anderson Launches Vegan Pammies

Pamela Anderson– a name recognizable to many for various reasons. Pamela has made a name for herself as a sexy, sensual icon and who can forget her in that signature red suit in Baywatch. Unknown to many, Pamela is a Vancouver Island girl and has recently started a new venture- one in the industry of Fashion.

Pammies are a new vegan, cruelty-free shoe line created with the goal of creating sustainable style by using recyclable electronics instead of animal skin to create the products. A personality who has been open about her advocacy for animal rights, Pamela has pushed her new life venture into full force with The Sensual Vegan – an online cooking/food series sharing healthy vegan meals with a theme of food aphrodisiacs.

I speak to Pamela on her new line, and how being compassionate is sexy.       

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The lifestyle of Pammie’s |    

Why create Pammies – which bear similarities to UGGs? Why not create something different?

Not that similar! I think there is much more detail in Pammies. Two versions are much higher to the knee and over the knee. More flattering and the best part is that they are vegan and made from recycled electronics. So soft, luxurious and no animals were harmed. The unisex shorties are coming next. All fabrics are treated and washable too!

Please share the process of how Pammies are created – are you directly involved in the design process?

I have been working on this project for 15 years. 15 years ago people thought I was crazy. That Vegan could never be in fashion (or have it considered luxurious or profitable). I have self funded this project as well as my vegan line of shoes with Amelie Pichard. I couldn’t wait any longer for investors to agree with me that there is a market for a compassionate cruelty free brand that are made in California.

It’s not much profit. It’s a labor or love and 10% goes to my foundation.

pam anderson, baywatch, uggs, pammies, cruelty free, vegan, recycled fashion, featured, yvr blogger, entrepreneur, follow your dreams, fashion, women in business, blogger, fblogger, blush, beauty products, skincare, travel, lovelife, lifestyle, health and beauty, Vancouver, Victoria, yvr, vancity, westcoast, helen siwak, retail shopping

Colour choices for Pammie’s |

You’ve been a strong activist for animal rights for a while hence the move into creating a line that is sustainable for animals and the environment isn’t too big of a surprise, what do you think is the biggest hurdle in getting more people involved in supporting eco-fashion?

I think now IS the time. I think people are much more aware about what they consume- by mouth or by their purchases has an effect on the planet. It is our decades most profound crisis- to save the planet.

 Do you think your roots being from Vancouver have much to do with your love for boots?

It’s definitely a west coast sexy vibe. We are making beanies and patches so you can customize. Activists love to spread awareness and I thought this would be a clever way to wear bumperstickers. Demonstration is important.

Pammies have very beach – inspired names. Do you think people would actually wear Pammies to the beach? We’re talking about hot Los Angeles beaches!

I wear mine to the beach every day. Any beaches. Pammies are washable too. Or you kick them off and walk barefoot. It’s what I did on Baywatch. It’s a cozy way to warm up.

When do these launch and how can people get their hands on some Pammies?

They’ve launched Nov 19th on our website and in Ron Robinson‘s store in Santa Monica. They can be purchased on the website from anywhere in the world. They are already shipping everywhere and the response has been incredible.

Elaborate on what ‘The Sensual Vegan‘ represents

I started taking vegan cooking lessons with Chef Delahna Flagg -we were discussing all the sensual benefits of a healthy diet and how we need a sensual revolution in this age of desensitization. My brother filmed our lessons. We made a website so I could share all these lovely tricks and tips – we also talk about aphrodisiacs. It’s her specialty and I’m a very enthusiastic student. The vignettes are charming. We have great chemistry. I want to keep it online and easy. I’ve been talking to different online networks that love it.

Cooking from my home and shooting has been so much fun.

You call compassion Sexy! How do you think Pammies will play a part in creating that mindset

It’s the compassionate choice to the animal alternatives.

We share the planet with ALL its beings. The world was not made just for humans. Biodiversity must be protected. The oceans, endangered species, climate change. We must make more compassionate choices every day before we gobble this place up.

You have made a name as a sexy, sensual icon. In your own words, what is sensuality and being sexy?

Living freely but with a heart. We can make compassionate choices. It’s ‘in style’. I don’t know if I’ve ever been ‘in style’ but the timing is right now.

What can we expect from Pammies? New colors? New designs? Personalized Pammies?

We have So many ideas. Different boots, heels, recycled rubber boots. We have been working in a faux cashmere line. Of clothing, scarves, blankets. It’s dreamy cabin wear. From Snow to Surf.  


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