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#RebelBeautyBites: DIY Natural Skincare

Sometimes I feel like it is impossible to keep up with all the skincare trends out there; everything from snail facial masks  (yes, it’s a thing) to microneedling – pretty self-explanatory, but imagine hundreds of tiny needle punctures aka a “controlled skin injury” to your face all in the name of beauty. I prefer my skincare to be non-invasive, perhaps using easy-to-find products in my kitchen!

There are many things that you can use at home that are on the more natural side that will not empty your wallet and can give your skin a nice lift, without you ever having to admit you resorted to putting mucous from a mollusk on your face!

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Cracking Coconuts

Coconut Oil
The coconut (which is a drupe, not a nut) is known as “the Fruit of Life.” The meat is used as food, coconut water provides a delicious drink and the coir (husk) is often used to make ropes, mats, and brushes.

Then there is coconut oil; not only is it great for cooking, but it is an amazing at home skin care item that you need to keep close at hand.

natural, Rebel Beauty Bites, DIY Face masks, Crueltyfree beauty, coconut oil, vancouver, bc, vancity, gwen perkins

Ronin the Greyhound not impressed that the coconut oil is NOT going into muffins!

If you wear any makeup, including waterproof, coconut oil is all you need to remove every last trace of that Kat Von D Tattoo Liner without rubbing your eyes to the point of regret. It will remove your entire face full of makeup with minimal effort; I use it straight out of the jar; put a little on a cotton pad and gently melt it onto your skin to start the cleansing process.

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and can help with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. You can even use it to clean your makeup brushes as it will help break down the dried makeup and condition the brush at the same time. You would still need to use a mild soap to remove the excess oil but if you have a stubborn foundation brush to clean, coconut oil is going to be your new bestie.

Not only can it remove makeup and clean your brushes, but you can also use coconut oil to do a deep conditioning treatment for your hair or use it as an all over natural moisturizer.


Oil Cleansing
We are inundated daily with skin care ads pushing that “scrubbed clean” mantra, and as consumers, we have fallen for it. Unfortunately, stripping away all the oil on your skin will leave your face tight, dry and inflamed and will actually contribute to your skin creating, even more, oil to compensate for the dryness.

Oil cleansing has become so popular, many cosmetic brands have jumped on the ‘natural’ bandwagon, but they are charging insane prices for something that you can do for pennies at home.

One of the best oils out there for oil cleansing is Castor Oil. This miracle in a bottle is derived from the Castor Bean plant and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and has been widely used as a treatment for cysts and infections, but it can also be used to help you achieve your skin goals.

natural, Rebel Beauty Bites, DIY Face masks, Crueltyfree beauty, coconut oil, vancouver, bc, vancity, gwen perkins, helen siwak, vegan, vegetarian, plantbased, crueltyfree beauty

Castor Oil

As Castor Oil is quite thick, you may wish to cut it with an organic Olive or Grapeseed Oil to make it a bit more fluid. An easy scrub you can make at home would be equal parts sugar and oil; store it for use as a body scrub or a facial treatment to help with that dry, dull complexion. Put it in a recycled container and you will have a hand-made product ready anytime you like.

Contrary to popular belief, applying an oil such as Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your skin will not cause breakouts. In fact, applying these oils onto the skin can actually break down hardened oil deep in the pores and help the skin rid itself of impurities.

Just as I mentioned about cleaning your makeup brushes with oil, imagine that same build up in the pores of your skin; the oil cleansing method can help draw these blockages out of your skin for good. And the best part is, you only need to wipe off the excess oil, no need to wash with water or cleanser.

Oil cleansing provides an all in one cleansing, moisturizing and detox treatment with no toxins or harsh chemicals; perfect just before bed. There are some easy recipes you can try at home with tips and tricks here.

Rebel Beauty Bites, DIY Face masks, Crueltyfree beauty, coconut oil, vancouver, bc, vancity, gwen perkins

Make at Home Facial Masks
Tissue masks are all the rage; I am guilty of purchasing these at anywhere from $5 and up per mask, which can get pricey if you want to do a weekly treatment and they create quite a bit of waste.

A better solution is in your kitchen; from fruit to nuts, it’s a natural beauty bar just waiting for your creativity. Try a simple puree of avocado or banana and a little coconut or jojoba oil and you are ready to apply the mixture.

The nice thing about making your own masks at home is that you are in total control over what goes into them. Try some more amazing mask recipes here.

Next time you are at the grocery store, pick up a few new DIY skincare ingredients to experiment with. You may end up discovering the right mixture for you and save a few dollars as well in the process. The only limit is your imagination, so get creative and put your best natural face forward.

Peace, Love, and Lipstick!


Next Week: Crueltyfree vs Vegan cosmetics explained








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