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StrataPress: Strata Doc Hack for BC Realtors

West coast real estate is a notoriously fast-moving commodity and finding and finalizing the purchase of your next home can be rife with obstacles. From the get-go, the relationship with your realor depends on how quickly and smoothly they can obtain documents and advance your purchase.

BC-based StrataPress is a centralized online system for realtors, lawyers and notaries, property managers, and developers to automate the processes involved in finding, purchasing, and living in a strata property. Minimizing delays and maximizing productivity of all involved.

The StrataPress System
The StrataPress system has been designed to provide effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction primarily for Strata Managers who are able to upload strata documents (ie. Minutes, Financials, Depreciation Reports, Bylaws) once and automate sales thus reducing costs and increasing revenues. Although the system is simple and requires no experience or training, StrataPress generously offers a no-fee in-person training for companies with 50 or more strata properties under management and 15 how-to video’s on their YouTube Channel.

helen siwak, StrataPress, Sean Jordan, Real Estate, Realtors, Strata Managers, Property Managers, Vancouver, BC, Vancity, YVR, Nanaimo

The StrataPress system also works with authorized real estate professionals who require strata documents, including Form B and Form F to complete sales. All downloadable documents are automatically watermarked and tagged with pertinent information including the requesting agent’s name.

“For realtors, lawyers and notaries, and developers, StrataPress is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase strata documents affordably and in a timely manner. For property managers, the system reduces time spent on requesting and delivering documents, and reduces administrative costs,” says Sean Jordan, CEO of Simple Strata Solutions, Inc.

helen siwak, StrataPress, Sean Jordan, Real Estate, Realtors, Strata Managers, Property Managers, Vancouver, BC, Vancity, YVR, Nanaimo

Communications Platform
The StrataPress website also offers an add-on Premium Communication Platform which is available for self-managed stratas or stratas managed by a professional property management company. Once an account is created, a website can be added which facilitates streamlined communication between the strata council, owners, and management.

Updates, discussions, and requests can be created using a simple form submission or a dedicated email address. Messages are shared only between authorized and registered users. Suggestions and concerns get addressed and every message is archived for future reference. StrataPress keeps everyone involved on the same page and all documents in the same place. The website also offers multiple levels of access for strata council members, owners, and tenants.

Additionally, the communications platform can be expanded to host additional pages to address specific information regarding community and common property. Information about moving in and out, cats and dogs, fees and payments, recycling and garbage, booking facilities, etc, can be uploaded and accessed.

Coming to StrataPress in 2018
In addition to strata documents, realtors will be able to obtain additional documents and local services through the StrataPress dashboard. Partnerships currently under consideration include services such as home inspections, junk removal, cleaning and staging, moving and storage, photography and video services, and strata document review services.



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