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#TravelTuesday: Healthy Eating While Traveling

Traveling is a unique gift that enables us to experience the beauty of the unknown. Yet, whether it is a business trip or the vacation of a lifetime, it is often difficult to maintain your healthy eating habits while away from your usual surroundings.

With the constant temptation of convenient food, is it really possible to stay healthy while you travel?

If we are going to be honest, maintaining a healthy diet is difficult no matter where you are. Here are a few tips to make it a little easier, though, when you travel.

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Dreaming of these right now! | IG @mynakedsnacks

Bring Prepacked Nibbles
With the excitement of an upcoming trip, it is very easy to let other activities take priority over your diet. Traveling requires preparation, as does maintaining a healthy diet, so it makes sense to combine the two.

Those early morning starts to get on the road, the long layover in the airport, flights that seem like they will never end or just sitting in your hotel room—these are the perfect times to take advantage of prepacked snacks.

Carrots and hummus, nuts, dark chocolate, dried fruit, peanut butter and crackers are healthy foods that travel well. Throw a few into your luggage.

indigo age cafe, natalie langston, gym, magnolia hotel, naked snacks, healthy eating, eat for the planet, vegan, vegetarian, helen siwak

Be adventuresome in your eating when traveling | IG @indigoagecafe

Eat Out Wisely
The internet has ensured the world feels like a much smaller place than it is. Make the most of that by researching restaurants near your destination.

Restaurants can be very accommodating to your dietary requirements. Swap fries for a salad, leave off the dairy and ease up on the condiments. These are easy changes that could prove to make a massive reduction in your calorie intake.

Without forgetting that you may be on the trip of a lifetime, if you want the dessert, get the dessert. Make a deal with yourself. Enjoy your dessert tonight, and tomorrow you can forfeit your dessert for a few pieces of prepacked dark chocolate when you get back to your room.

indigo age cafe, natalie langston, gym, magnolia hotel, naked snacks, healthy eating, eat for the planet, vegan, vegetarian, helen siwak

Book a hotel with bike rentals | IG @magnoliahotel

Keep Exercising
We all know diet is just one part of fitness. It is just as important to exercise when traveling as it is to eat well. When booking your accommodation, try to choose somewhere with a gym and work out there. Or do some laps in the pool. If your hotel has neither, find a workout video online and do it in your room.

Of course, finding fitness videos to do in the comfort of your hotel room requires an internet connection. Because hotels often use WiFi that is open to the public, your best bet is to use a Virtual Private Network to ensure your privacy while online.

Do not turn your magnificent Eat, Pray, Love trip into an Eat, Eat, Eat trip. This is one way to ensure your dietary dreams will plummet. Even making slightly different choices will prove maintaining a healthy diet while you travel can be done.


Contributor Cassie Phillips is a writer who travels often for work. She knows how hard it can be to stay healthy on the road, but she hopes she can help others with what she has learned on her many trips.  


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