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#ZESTWoman: Elle Hunter is in her Ellement

Elle Hunter, is an award-winning Stager + Stylist, Speaker, Instructor, and owner of ellement re:design and co-owner of Refresh Home Staging. Her passion is to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. Combining business experience and creative talent, Elle enhances the aesthetics of a home and the value of properties.

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Elle enjoying a stroll on a Vancouver trail | NewmanArts Photography

What ignited the spark in you to live a life with zest?
From a very young age, my Mother instilled in me to be enthusiastic with my hopes and aspirations. She lived life with purpose, conviction and curiosity. She believed in life-long learning and achieved academic, professional, and most importantly family success. Those were big shoes to fill and sadly no longer with us, however I believe she would be proud I carry those lessons to this day and that I don’t take anything for granted.  And her voice is always still whispering in my ear…“don’t be afraid to be different!”

What motivates you to make change?
Someone who I was in awe of and respected told me, “If you don’t like something, you have only two choices…either change it or live with it!” And by ‘living with it’, meant no complaining, as some things one just cannot change. When something doesn’t feel right (instincts…so important to listen to them) or if I’m bored, I stop and think – is this really working to my benefit or my enjoyment in life? If not, then that is my catalyst to map out a plan and to make changes, no matter how big or small.

Do you live a compassionate life? How?
The lesson of “treat others how you want to be treated” was taught to me and my sisters by words and examples, by our parents. Plus, I think I was born with the major (scientifically unnamed) ‘empathic’ gene…the one where you cry at sappy commercials! I realized in my early twenties not everyone was as fortunate to have a wonderful upbringing. So I strive to be mindful of my surroundings, other people, and all critters. Just even little things like holding the door open for someone, smiling at strangers, taking the time to talk and really listen to people, not only makes them feel better but makes me grateful that I can remember not to get too caught up in my own little world.

How do you define success and what is the best way to achieve long-term success?
I strongly believe success on one’s own terms is paramount! When I was younger, I fell into the silly notion of comparing myself to society’s ‘norms’ of what success is – big house, fancy car, money, lots of it. Ultimate success to me is my business, personal, social, physical, and spiritual life should reflect my true self. Having the freedom to do what I love is vital, and that in turn drives long-term success and happiness. Surrounding myself with loving and supportive family and friends, having fun and lots of laughter along the way certainly adds to the equation!

elle hunter, blush vancouver, zest woman, zest, helen siwak, yasmine moulin, redesign, ellement, askelle, home design, homes and living

Fore-warned…getting back in the swing of things | NewmanArts Photography

What advice do you have for other women looking to take a big step in their lives?
Think Nike – “Just Do It!” – perhaps take baby steps though, especially if you have a mortgage! However, don’t become paralyzed by that pesky inner voice of being too cautious, it’s easy to procrastinate.When you decide what you truly want, have a serious talk with yourself; grab your courage (it’s in there), look in the mirror, and say, “I got this!” And after a while, it’s exciting to look back and see how far you have come.


elle hunter, blush vancouver, zest woman, zest, helen siwak, yasmine moulin, redesign, ellement, askelle, home design, homes and living

Elle and her new (borrowed) BFF Finn | NewmanArts Photography

Elle is currently polishing her presentation for the upcoming Vancouver International Home Show. Then, from June 5-9, 2017, she will be teaching her own five-day curated *STARS* (Staging Trends And ReDesign Specialist) program. And maybe after that, fly to Montreal to visits friends and sip ‘some’ red wine! Learn more about Elle, her services, and program on her website and on her social media channels as @ellementredesign.





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