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#ZESTWomen: Drs. Fry & Ferrari are Motivators

By day, Dr. Lisa Ferrari and Dr. Carla Fry aka, #TheDrFs, are Clinical Psychologists, by morning, noon and night they are grateful students of life.

Dr. Ferrari and Dr. Fry are Co-Directors of busy child and family-centered Psychology Clinics: Vancouver Psychology Centre. They are the Co-Authors of Gratitude and Kindness: A Modern Parents Guide to Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement. They speak locally and nationally to print, radio and television media to connect families with scientifically proven facts in a user-friendly fashion to help children and families to maximize their happiness and resilience.

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Dr. Ferrari & Dr. Fry | Kathryn

Whether they are teaching at universities, providing psychological treatment in their thriving private practices, speaking to school, community or multimedia audiences, and writing articles or books, Dr. Fry and Dr. Ferrari are devoted to sharing what they know. They are committed to providing pathways for others to live their best lives; and to help the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of today’s generation with the know-how to live their best lives as well.

They are thrilled to have also joined forces for an inspiring and visionary platform called the Real Parenting Lab, created by Real Psychologists using Real Science to overcome Real Life Conundrums. On this website you will find topical facts, informational videos, information on book sales, hookups to happenings with the Real Parenting Lab psychologists and so much more. All with the focus on equipping future generations with the ability to live great lives and uncover their ultimate potential.


What motivates you to make change?

Dr. Fry: We were talking about this on the phone early in the morning in the midst of our busy routines, as one of us is searching for missing school uniform parts and the other is signing a field trip consent form. We continued the conversation from the car on the drive to the office; and the response that we’ve come up with that motivates us is an interplay of push and pull.

Dr. Ferrari:  By the pull we mean that our clients motivate us to change personally all the time. As we infuse parents and kids with what they need to flourish, we recognize that the same things help us to flourish too. Whether we’re coaching gratitude practices, advising on parenting strategies or talking about stress management, in order for us to be authentic in our personal life and in our work life, these things need to align. Walking the talk is a huge motivator to make change.

Dr. Fry: And when we say the push, we are referring to when the push comes from within. That can happen when we’re feeling unsatisfied and we have the desire to find more meaning or purpose for ourselves personally and professionally.  Or it can occur when we realize that we are not walking the talk, this compels us to stop what we’re doing, regroup, and make a change.

 How have you changed in the past year?

Dr. Ferrari: In some ways this is tough to consider, as the moments have whipped by at rapid speed. At times we are guilty of measuring the passage of time as deadlines we have met or missed, projects we have completed, vacations we have enjoyed, or numbers of teeth that our kids have lost.

Dr. Fry: In general, we have both changed in that we are doing better at managing the passage of time and all the demands that life brings.  We still have quite a ways to go on this journey.  I’ve made more an effort to set aside more time with my dog for a morning walk along the seawall near our West Vancouver office. It helps me get grounded right before I see my first patient of the day.

Dr. Ferrari: I’ve made a change in that I’ve locked-in scheduled workout sessions with my trainer extraordinaire every single week without fail. For me, prioritizing my workout by hitting the gym super early in the morning protects my family time after work and on the weekends.

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TheDrFs on CTV’s The Social | The Social

What is best way to achieve long-term success? 

Dr. Ferrari: We know that having fun may not be the path to long-term success for everyone everywhere, but it’s been working for us so far! We definitely try to have fun every single day. We work hard, but we try to see the absurdity in the problematic moments and the growth potential in mistakes we have made.  And, we value experiencing the joy when we’ve ‘nailed it’.

Dr. Fry: As psychologists, we understand that humour is one of the most evolved coping strategies that there is, and we definitely weave humour into many moments of our day, whether it’s in a business meeting or in the counselling room.

Dr. Ferrari: As for our senses of humour, some may say that Dr. Fry’s is full of wit and surprise, whereas I can be a bit more low key.  That’s not to say that I can’t set off a fit of laughter at the time when laughter is the right medicine.

How do you generate new business ideas?

Dr. Fry: Through our conversations, we have both noticed that some of our best business ideas have been ignited when we are connecting with family or friends or when we’re away from the office.  That’s when the ideas come quick and in the moment, and not necessarily when we are seated at our desks with paper and pen at the ready.

Dr. Ferrari: There was the time when one of us was on vacation and came up with a great idea while on the treadmill! To remember the idea, Dr. Fry took a selfie of her sweaty face and sent it to me with the message, “Awesome business idea…you’re going to either love it or hate it!”

It turns out, I loved it.

What advice do you have for other women looking to take a big step in their lives?

Dr. Fry: This is a big one because in no way do either of us want to come across as if we have it all figured out, or that we always nail it.

One of the advantages that we have, and that we are thankful for each day, is that we have each other to depend on. When one of us says ‘let’s jump’ the other might say, “Ya, let’s!’ or alternately might say, ‘Not this time’.

Dr. Ferrari: For us it started when we decided to share office space.  It quickly morphed into a realization that we are very like-minded, with similar vision, while also having a complementary skill sets. This connection went beyond the strange coincidences – that we drove the same vehicle make, model and colour, and had identical dogs that looked like they could be brothers.

Dr. Fry: Our strong intuition about our business partnership led us to taking a leap into a project the first day we met. We recognize that many women who are looking to make a big change or take a risk may not have partners, in life or in business.  We urge them, and everyone, to allow others in, to develop camaraderie’s, to tag yourself to a community of some sort and to not feel that you should have to do it alone.

The Drs F, Dr. Fry, Dr. Ferrari, psychologists, kindness patrol, vancouver, vancity, bc, zest, zest women, zest woman, helen siwak, kristina matisic, the shopping bags

On the ‘Kindness Patrol’ | TheDrFs


These are two women who are captivated when listening to the personal stories of their patients. They are fascinated by people’s abilities to be resilient – or not – depending on their readiness for personal transformation. Connecting children, teens and adults with scientifically proven methods to live authentically, to meet their goals and to improve their well-being is something they are deeply committed to.

Their Passion: The Third Annual Kindness Patrol Event this coming May 28 in Vancouver is an amazing movement that they founded wherein children and youth deliver guerrilla-style kindness acts to unsuspecting random people in an annual afternoon of do-gooderism that brings smiles to all.

Follow the #TheDrFs on Instagram @clinicallyhappy 

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